Apple Watch SE. Why the new inexpensive watch is interesting

Until today, Apple has officially sold two smartwatch models: the Apple Watch Series 5 with its full range of technologies, including the always-on screen, and the relatively inexpensive Apple Watch Series 3. That has changed.

You can read about the heir to the Apple Watch in the flagship segment in the next article , and this one will tell you about the new affordable wearable gadget. We are talking about Apple Watch SE, which will become a truly desirable purchase for many . That’s why they are interesting.

Apple S5 chip set became the heart of Apple Watch SE

Despite its place in the mid-budget segment, Apple Watch SE can hardly be called cheap, inexpensive, or simple. This is a full-fledged Apple smartwatch that will give odds to any wearable gadget from other manufacturers.

The heart of the Apple Watch SE is the Apple S5 processor, which was previously used in the Apple Watch Series 5. Last year it was compared to the Apple S4, which was used in the Apple Watch Series 4, and it was concluded that it was not particularly nimble. However, it is extremely fast.

Apple S5 is equipped with a processor with two productive cores, which allows the Apple Watch SE to run up to two times faster than the Apple Watch Series 3. Even this watch has already spun the system and applications very well, but here is such an increase. Bravo!

Apple Watch SE gets an adult flagship design

Apple Watch SE is becoming a prime example of how Apple is able to sell new devices with old designs , because they practically do not differ from the company’s flagship smartwatches. However, it would be foolish to scold the company for this.

Yes, the new mid-budget watches repeat Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 6 almost 100%. And this makes the device more mature and really interesting for sure.

The Apple Watch Series 3 was too angular. To create it, Apple designers rounded the ends of the rectangle. Instead, Apple Watch Series 4 and up (including Apple SE) have a more elegant circle as their base shape.

Apple Watch SE will be available with a cellular version

The main idea of a mid-budget smartwatch is to buy one for your child or elderly relative. With the help of them, it will be possible to monitor the location of a loved one, as well as control his activity.

To make this a reality, Apple upgraded the Family Sharing feature and made it possible to fully use it on the Apple Watch, even without being tied to an iPhone. This is the next step in the development of this wearable gadget.

In order for a watch in such a role to show itself as fully as possible, it is desirable that they support work in cellular networks. So far, this opportunity is not particularly relevant in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the country is already experiencing a boom in electronic SIM , so it is worth hoping that it will soon be possible to connect watches to them.

How much are the mid-budget Apple Watch SE

The price of Apple Watch SE in American realities starts at $ 279. It depends on the size, as well as on the additional capabilities of the smartwatch. Of course, in Pakistani realities it will grow somewhat, but it will still remain quite affordable. By the way, in Pakistan Apple Watch SE costs 55,496.79 Pakistani Rupee for the 40 mm version and 61,046.47 Pakistani Rupee for 44 mm.

I myself have been using Apple Watch for a very long time and I can say with confidence that this is very little for such a multi functional device with such a large abundance of a wide variety of possibilities. It is definitely worth it.

PS By the way, Apple Watch Series 3 remains on sale. Now they cost 39,957.69 Pakistani Rupee
instead of 35,517.95 Pakistani Rupee. Thanks to the local currency rate.

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