Apple will allocate money to fight against coronavirus in China. Already 41 victims

Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulated Chinese residents on the lunar New Year and announced that Apple will donate money to volunteers supporting coronavirus victims.

Currently, 41 people have died from coronavirus. The number of infected close to 1300.

While people in China and around the world are celebrating Lunar New Year, we send our love and support to those affected by the coronavirus. Apple will make donations to local organizations that help all affected people.

Tim Cook says Apple will donate to groups helping people affected by coronavirus in China – 9to5MacApple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter this morning to honor Chinese New Year, also adding Apple sends its? Love and support? to everyone impacted by the coronavirus. According to Cook, Apple will also be donating to? Groups on the ground helping support all of those affected? by coronavirus. As of this morning, the New?

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