Apple will oblige developers to report user data they collect from December 8

Special “shortcuts” will appear in the App Store.

From December 8, the so-called “privacy labels” will appear in the App Store, which will contain information about what data about users are collected by the authors of this or that application. We are talking about both contact information and content on the user’s device and more “personal data” such as religious beliefs and political views. The types of data collected can be viewed on the Apple website.

The verge

Users will be able to familiarize themselves with the contents of the “shortcut” before downloading the application. The developers will have to regularly update the information in it. However, if data is collected irregularly, is not tracked or shared with ad networks, it can be omitted from the privacy label. The situation is similar with information, the collection of which the user can disable himself.

Apple announced the change in privacy settings at WWDC 2020. The shortcuts were expected to appear in the App Store in September, but they decided to postpone their introduction to give developers more time to prepare.

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