Architecture: The tallest wooden building in Sweden

8.5 floors that can be dismantled if necessary.

Photo by Nikolaj Jakobsen

In 2019, the construction of a building designed by CF Møller Architects, which became the tallest wooden building in the country, was completed in Swedish Westeros .

The apartment building in height is 8.5 floors, its construction is based on cross-laminated wood, an array of superimposed, glued and pressed boards. The elements are fastened with screws: this solution not only leaves a minimal carbon footprint, but also allows you to disassemble the building and reuse materials if necessary.

The construction of each floor took only three days, while each apartment has four apartments. All have windows overlooking the harbor.

The authors of the project expect that it will become “a guide for the region and a guide for a sustainable future.”

The tallest wooden building in the world remains Mjøstårnet in the Norwegian Brumunddal – it has 18 floors, on which are located not only residential apartments, but also a hotel, swimming pool, office space and restaurant.

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