Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PS5 vs Xbox Series Comparison From Digital Foundry: Sony Has The Best Game

On November 18, DF specialists released a full comparison of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla versions for next-gen consoles. We have selected key points from the material .

  • The game actively uses the strengths of the Ubisoft engine, including volumetric clouds. At the same time, Valhalla now has a simulation of a snow surface and motion blur for individual objects in the frame – the latter in the series has not existed before.
  • Valhalla has the same image reconstruction system as Origins, and it “starts to show its age.”
  • On the Xbox Series S, the game runs at a dynamic resolution of 1188p to 1656p, but most often stays in the 1296p region. The frame rate has been reduced from 60 to 30 FPS, the shadow resolution has been lowered – as well as the details of trees and the environment.
  • We couldn’t find a difference in graphics settings between PS5 and Series X.
    On powerful consoles, resolution ranges from 1440p to 1728p. In most situations, this indicator is identical.
  • In difficult scenarios (for example, using a torch in the dark) PS5 is about 15% ahead of Xbox Series X in terms of performance – the second frame rate drops more.
  • On the Microsoft console, frame breaks are much more common when the GPU fails to render the image for the 60 FPS target. This is due to the too high lower limit of the dynamic resolution.
  • On a VRR-enabled display, frame tearing on Xbox Series X disappears, but without VRR on a regular 60Hz TV, Microsoft’s console generally loses out. Sony does not have VRR, but tears are much less common.
  • The Xbox version turned out to be a little more crude – it has slight problems with the ratio of camera movement to frame rate, which creates a feeling of jitter in cutscenes. The PS5 is fine with that.
  • Digital Foundry notes that the game is damp on both platforms, but the PS5 version is now preferred.
  • Perhaps the Xbox problem stems from the new tooling Microsoft has created for Series X. On PS5, developers work in a familiar environment. The Xbox version will likely be fixed in the coming weeks.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is at a very strange point right now. In general, it works like a 60 FPS game on the PlayStation 5, but even here it does not do without intrusive frame breaks. You may need to adjust your dynamic resolution so that it can drop below 1440p.

In the meantime, there are problems on the Xbox side that clearly need to be addressed: these are frame-cuts in cutscenes, and strange drops in performance, which are disappointing.

We’d also like to see 60 FPS on the Series S, even if that means lower resolution. Moving to 60 FPS is a big win for the franchise, and the removal of this option on the Series S is not in line with the ideals of that system.

Alex Battalia
Digital foundry

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla went on sale November 10. Earlier DF material revealed that Watch Dogs Legion also works on PS5 and Series X with completely identical settings.
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