Before and after: Chinese megacities emptied by the epidemic

Shops, casinos, coffee houses were left without visitors due to the spread of an extremely contagious disease.

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Thousands of stores closed all over China, and shopping and entertainment centers were empty. Residents of cities such as Shanghai and Beijing are trying not to take to the streets due to the outbreak of the disease, which became the main news item in the beginning of 2020.

Apple has closed all of its 42 retail stores in the country.

Apple Store in Shanghai ,January 2020 Bloomberg
Apple Store in Shanghai ,January 2019 Bloomberg

Casinos in Macau, on Chinese territory, which is considered the world’s largest gambling center, were closed for two weeks. This is the longest break in work in their history, and only the second such case after the typhoon in 2018. The Starbucks coffee shop chain has closed more than half of its establishments in mainland China – a total of at least two thousand seats. The company did not change its financial forecasts for the year, but admitted that it could not predict the impact of such interruptions. Thousands of enterprises, from local companies to international banks, closed their corporate offices and asked employees to work remotely. As Bloomberg suggests, this is probably one of the largest home-based experiments in the world.
According to official data , by February 8, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus was close to 35 thousand, of which more than 24 thousand were at the epicenter of the disease in Hubei Province. 722 people have died.

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