Berlin agency has created a simulator of office sounds with a clatter of keys, champing colleagues and creaking chairs

Service for those who are not used to working from home.

Berlin Creative Agency Kids Creative Agency has created an interactive simulator of office sounds, but not just with white noise, but with creaks of a chair, clatter of a keyboard and the champing of colleagues. The first to pay attention to the project in The Verge.

The site depicts a small office of four rooms. If you click on the play button in the lower left corner, then typical for any office sounds will start playing: indiscriminate speech of colleagues, phone calls, hum of the air conditioner.

Sounds can be activated manually – for this you need to click on office furniture. For example, the chairs make a creaking sound as if someone is sitting in them, the cooler starts the noise of running water, the printer buzzes measuredly, and clicking on the table plays the sound of a ping pong game.

In the service, you can adjust the number of “colleagues”, which are geometric figures moving around the office. By clicking on them, you can supplement the sound picture with the effects of human presence: sometimes someone champs loudly, chatters on the phone, laughs, whistles or sings melodies. The authors of the service suggest that the simulator will be useful to those who are forced to work from home and miss the office.

Earlier, comedian Alexander Dobrokotov created his own version of an office simulator.


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