“Beyond the Internet” photo by Beyoncé: how the picture from the singer’s performance became a famous photo-toad and gave rise to a popular myth

In RuNet, annually celebrate the day when the singer’s lawyer “took” the photo from the network. And jokes on this are still not out of date.

Beyonce at the Super Bowl 2013 Getty Photos

One of the most popular photos for photojacks was captured at Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl in 2013. In RuNet, he was nicknamed the singer’s photo “removed from the Internet,” giving rise to the legend that her lawyer allegedly “removed” the picture from the network through the court.

In fact, there was no lawsuit. The picture gained fame thanks to PR manager Beyonce, who asked BuzzFeed to remove “unflattering” pictures from the article. Instead, the publication paid even more attention to the photos, turning them into a meme and spawning the legendary photo-toads.

“Unflattering photos”

In February 2013, BuzzFeed published an article entitled “33 Hottest Moments from a Beyoncé Show During Half-Time Match” featuring a selection of gifs and photos from a Super Bowl performance. The next day, the editor of the publication received a letter from PR manager Beyoncé – she asked to remove seven photographs, which she considered “unflattering”.

BuzzFeed editors did not delete the photos from the original post, but instead published them in a separate note under the heading “PR Beyoncé doesn’t want you to see these“ unflattering ”photos” along with the email.

Thank you for answering my call. 
As already noted, we noticed unflattering photos in your feed, which we respectfully ask you to delete. 
I’m sure you can find a better photo. 
The worst are 5, 6, 11, 12, 19 and 22. Thanks a lot 

Pictures that the representative of the singer wanted to delete:

Memes and Photojacks

The request of the publicist provoked the Streisand effect – a phenomenon when an attempt to remove information from the public leads to its wide dissemination. So the BuzzFeed article attracted additional media attention to the situation – the editions wrote about the singer’s email, attaching the same “unflattering” pictures to the articles. Soon they spread all over the Internet: photo-toads appeared on image boards, in social networks and even on bodybuilder forums , and on Reddit they traditionally competed in Photoshop battle.

Two days after the publication of BuzzFeed, on February 7, Deadspin launched its own Photoshop battle, and the next day published the best works. Soon, “unflattering” pictures of Beyoncé were declared one of the main memes of 2013.

On February 8, Gawker announced that five of seven shots were indeed removed from the Getty Images database. However, they remained in the original BuzzFeed publication.

“Beyoncé’s lawyer seized a photo from the Internet”

At that time, Reddit was ironic over the efforts of PR manager Beyoncé to remove photos from the Internet. In the summer of 2013, on a subreddit, r / funny published a meme picture with the caption “Beyoncé’s lawyers successfully deleted this image. As you can see, it no longer exists ”- the post gained wide popularity.

In RuNet, they picked up a joke on Picaba , YaPlakal and JoyReactor . Since 2014, at the beginning of February, they celebrate the anniversary of “taking Beyoncé’s photo from the Internet through the court”, sticking memorial photos to the posts.

However, soon the meme was taken for the truth. Russian tabloids picked up a fake story and periodically wrote that the singer’s lawyer allegedly through the court demanded to remove the pictures from the Internet and won the case, presenting the information as true. In social networks, many believed that there was such a lawsuit and the photos really decided to delete.

After the 2013 Super Bowl, Beyoncé really forbade professional photographers to take pictures at concerts during her fourth world tour, The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. In the media, this was associated with the gaining popularity of “unflattering” photos. In addition, in the promo photo from the tour, the singer did not appear in a black leather bodysuit from meme pictures. Already in the next round, the singer allowed to film her concerts. At the same time, Beyoncé did not present any court claims to anyone, much less won cases against the Internet.

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