Black Mesa Developers Launch Definitive Edition Open Beta

The appearance of the levels continues to be updated and supplemented.

Although the remake of the original Half-Life dropped out (Black Mesa 1.0 Patch Notes)of Early Access in March 2020, the Crowbar Collective continues to work on the game. Even before the full release, they announced version 1.5 called the Definitive Edition, in which they wanted to pay more attention to the early levels and “pull up” them to the quality of the final locations of the Xen world.

The developers have now announced that the Definitive Edition has entered the open beta phase. Each owner of the game can launch this version of the game on Steam by selecting the desired option in the “Properties” menu.
Changes hit a number of chapters from the middle of the campaign, including Power Up and On a Rail, where the lighting and design were completely redesigned.
In addition, work on the art continues in several locations: the authors updated the models and textures, and also changed the color correction on individual objects. The position of some opponents in some places was also changed.


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