“Blizzard put it on my pants again.” Remaster Warcraft III scold everyone

Last night, the Warcraft III remaster was released with the subtitle Reforged. But fans are already calling for renaming it to Refunded. Like, the game was safely returned to the developers, and the money for it was returned to the buyer’s account. Blizzard scolded for numerous bugs, worsened even compared to the original graphics, greed and disregard for fans.

“I am ashamed that Blizzard has deceived me” , – says one of the players on Reddit. He criticizes fonts, menus, unit animations, and the color palette. Like, looking at it hurts. “I tried not to lose hope. Overdue release, terrible state of the game during the beta test. I tried to abandon this. Why did I let Blizzard make easy money with me? ”

It seems that the developers, in principle, did not conduct internal testing of the game. Here are just some of the bugs and shortcomings that players noticed in the first hours of the game.

  • The chat window sometimes stops scrolling automatically with the appearance of new messages.
  • Chat teams do not work.
  • Regular departures during the passage of the campaign.
  • Friezes and falling frame rates.
  • Inability to log in with your own account.

In addition, users complain about poor graphics. For example, during the presentation of the Reforged demo in 2018, one could observe the shadows of buildings and characters. By the release version, they have disappeared.

The development of the environment has noticeably worsened.

Branches are already appearing on Reddit where gamers share detailed instructions on how to request a refund for a purchase. At the same time, similar messages on the official forum of the game are deleted.

In addition, during the demonstration of the remake of the remake of the game, there were almost cinematic cutscenes on the game engine. They were rejected for release for an unknown reason.


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