Blizzard responded to criticism of Warcraft III: Reforged – some problems are going to fix patches

The statement of the company did not suit many players.

A week after the release of Warcraft III: Reforged, Blizzard developers finally broke the silence and announced that they were going to fix a number of problems in patches that were already being worked on.

We regret that some of you did not receive what you were waiting for.from the Blizzard statement

Blizzard has confirmed that it is going to work on Reforged for a long time, and assured that the game community will not be left without support.

The first patch is due out in the coming week – it will also include edits for the classic mode, including work on colors, portrait animations, audio and the user interface.

In addition, Blizzard listened to those who again want to see such online functions as the rating table and clans. They will also appear with future updates – including for those players who did not buy Reforged, but simply received a new client with a remake release.

The developers explained their absence on the release by the fact that they needed to ensure the most smooth transition to the new MMR system.

However, the tournament mode and set of rules for the Reign of Chaos should not be expected, since in the original version, according to the authors, they were not very popular. Blizzard is sure that Reign of Chaos fans will be able to find custom modes with similar conditions.

As for the cut scenes, Blizzard explained that she did not change them in the game, because she decided to keep them as close as possible to what they were in the original – apart from new animations and models.

We know that this update does not answer all the questions that have arisen, but we intend to continue developing and supporting the game.from the Blizzard statement

Blizzard hopes fans will follow up on future updates, but the players themselves have so far not been very enthusiastic. Many were disappointed with the answer of the developers and called it an excuse.

In particular, some players noted that Blizzard’s words about cut scenes sound especially strange – despite the fact that the company considered their change unnecessary, the description of the remake on the site still mentions more than four hours of updated in-game videos.

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