Blizzard veterans found Frost Giant studio to develop RTS for PC

The team was led by the people who worked on Warcraft III and StarCraft II.

Several former Blizzard employees have announced the opening of Frost Giant Studios, where they plan to work on RTS games. The company was co-founded by Tim Morten and Tim Campbell – the former will head the studio and become the production director of its debut project, and the latter will take over as game director.

Morten spent six years at Blizzard and was the lead producer for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. Prior to that, he also worked for Activision, Sony Santa Monica and EA, where he worked on the Command & Conquer franchise.

Campbell is best known for his work on Warcraft III – he helped create the base game and was the lead campaign designer for The Frozen Throne expansion. In addition, the game designer has partnered with inXile Entertainment and OtherSide, and served as Game Director during the development of Wasteland 3.

In addition, some of the key developers of StarCraft II, including designers Ryan Shatter and Kevin Dong, have joined the Frost Giant team. Also collaborating with the studio will be writer and artist Mickey Neilson, who has a hand in the Warcraft III and Diablo III scripts.


Movie with Frost Giant employees

The studio already has its first investors, one of which is Riot Games. The initial funding was $ 4.7 million – the money will go to a gameplay prototype of the upcoming RTS, as well as company expansion and market research.

The founders of Frost Giant stressed that they will not present their game soon, but in the first hours after the announcement, the studio ‘s official website “fell” due to the influx of users.

The company was announced just days after Blizzard announced that it was no longer working on new content for StarCraft II. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier also drew on this. He noted that, most likely, the developers decided to launch their own studio, since their ideas were not given the “green light”.


I’ve heard that Blizzard employees have been trying unsuccessfully to get the green light for their RTS in recent years. So, unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that a few developers with a crush on this genre start their own company.

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