Advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone Honor 9C

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Today, obviously, is not the time for expensive smartphones. It is not surprising that most manufacturers try to be active in the budget segment. Today’s hero of our mini-review is just such an inexpensive device. 


Design. In all price segments, manufacturers are trying to make out their smartphones who are much in the least. Multi-colored trends are still raging. In Honor 9C, iridescent gradients added nuances. Firstly, this is a pixelated pattern on the back cover. It consists of hundreds of small rhombuses, which when playing with light and changing the viewing angle give the coloring of the lid a pixelated effect.

Secondly, Honor decided to cover with colorfulness not only the cover, as it happens in 99% of cases, but also the ends of the phone. So, the right side turned out to be turquoise, the left side saturated lilac, and the upper and lower pass from one color to another. It looks unusual, so I want to forgive the plastic essence of the frame.

Otherwise, nothing unusual. The camera unit protrudes, the power and volume buttons are located on the right, and the fingerprint sensor is located on the back. There is a slot that allows you to use two nanoSIM cards simultaneously with a memory card.

Camera. Apparently, the Honor 9C has the same 48-megapixel camera as the Honor 9X Lite. And it is very, very good, especially in daylight and when shooting objects close up. Yes, and at dusk, night mode allows the phone to not face dirt. This, of course, is not about an alternative to the much more expensive camera phones, but for the price category the pictures are very worthy.

In pair, an 8-megapixel “shirik” was assigned to the main module. True, he cannot boast of high quality images: he is very “soapy” even in the afternoon. The third camera is a depth of field sensor, which, in fact, is not a camera at all.

Autonomy. Thanks to a 4000 mAh battery and low screen resolution, the Honor 9C boasts high autonomy. Our smartphone, even in conditions of intensive testing, could easily withstand two days away from the outlet, sometimes even reaching the morning of the third day.

May not arrange

Lack of Google services. Honor 9C is one of those new products that fell victim to US sanctions and were left without Google services. This should be taken into account for those who choose a smartphone and cannot imagine their life without the services of an Internet giant.

Display. Actually, the screen here is not bad – large, 6.4-inch. But the resolution is low – only 720 × 1560 pixels. Because of this, the image on the screen loses its clarity. This is noticeable mainly when directly comparing with displays with a higher resolution. In general, the screen gives a decent picture, but still in the middle of 2020, even in the budget segment, I would like to see a higher resolution.

CPU. The Honor 9C is another (today it’s hard to even imagine which account) smartphone on the Kirin 710. This processor has become one of the most popular and has been installed on a huge number of Honor and Huawei models. The chip itself is not bad and was initially intended for mid-range models. Gradually, however, he began to “move” to budget devices and thus ended up in 9C.

So why can Kirin 710 not suit someone? To advanced users, it will seem old and bored. If you are not very worried about the age of iron, then you can simply not pay attention to it. Kirin 710 is more than suitable for budget devices and its performance is approximately at the level of Snapdragon 665.

There is 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of internal memory. The volume of the first is optimal, but I would like a larger drive. However, the price limit affects.


Outdated technology. Honor still believes that since the phone is an inexpensive device, God himself ordered the installation of microUSB. And do not care that the rest of the progressive world has long moved to USB Type-C. Probably have to wait until Honor runs out of outdated ports. These stocks, apparently, are decent.

In addition, the Honor 9C does not have fast charging and support for 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Six months ago, in the budget segment this would not have raised questions, but today we see that even inexpensive smartphones can have all these advantages.

High price and strong competition. Honor 9C could have a cloudless fate if it were 500 pkr cheaper. And at its current price of 499, we get several strong competitors. And most of them are from Honor itself. This situation always looks strange.

So, for the price of Honor 9C, you can buy the Honor 9X, which has twice the capacity of the drive, a larger display with high resolution, USB Type-C and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. That is, in fact, the Honor 9X is the Honor 9C devoid of its flaws. A similar situation is with the Honor 9X Lite, which has a better display, but the price is slightly higher.

If you look at the sides of Honor, then there are also worthy competitors. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 smartphone with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory boasts fast charging, modern interfaces, and a higher resolution display. Yes, the screen size is slightly smaller, but the price is lower than that of the Honor 9C.

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Honor 9C is a good smartphone with a couple of trifling technical flaws, but with an overpriced price compared to competitors. The novelty should cost 1500–2000 pkr cheaper in order to compete on equal terms not only with Xiaomi, but also with its brothers from the Honor camp. At a cost of R s1500, the positioning of the model looks strange.


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