How do my friends know my location on my iPhone

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I often notice that my friends know about my location. How to stop sharing geolocation with them?

Other users can track the location of your smartphone using the included iOS chips, as well as through third-party applications that have access to geolocation.

Here are four simple steps to turn off sharing your location with other people.

1. Turn off location sharing for friends

To get started, take a look at the Locator app ( Find My iPhone on older versions of iOS).

Here, in the People section , users who get your location using this service will be displayed.

Remove unwanted contacts from this list and these people will no longer receive your location.

2. Stop sharing location with family

Your family members can also receive data about the location of the gadget. If you have turned on Family Sharing with friends to use shared subscriptions or purchases, then you need to stop sharing your location with family members.

To do this, look again at the Locator application .

Here, on the tab I will see all the added family members, turn off the Share location toggle switch and other family members will not be able to track the location of the smartphone.

3. Check the location settings for applications

Third-party applications, such as instant messengers and social networks, can give out the location.

You need to go to the section Settings – Privacy – Location Services – System Services and at the very bottom of the list, turn on the switch Icon in the status menu .

So after using the geolocation module by any application, you will see an indicator in the status bar near the clock. Going after that to Settings – Privacy – Location Services , you will see an application that requests your geolocation.

After that, you can completely prohibit the use of GPS for a specific program or turn off the Precise location feature for the application.

4. Remove geotags from photos

Active social media users often declassify their location using geotagged photos.

According to this instruction, you can completely disable the installation of geotags or remove them before sending the image to third-party applications.

After all the manipulations done, other users will not be able to monitor your gadget.

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