How to add icons to the status bar on iPhone

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 saw a friend with different icons in the status bar and on the lock screen of the smartphone. Is it possible to add them without jailbreak and how to do it?

Previously, adding icons and images to the iPhone status bar was possible only if the device was jailbroken. Now such an opportunity has appeared thanks to the Focusing chip from iOS 15 .

How to add emoji to the status bar

1. Go to Settings – Focusing .

2. Click “+” to create a new focus profile.

3. Select the Custom profile and in the next step select the desired icon, which will then be displayed in the status bar.

4. Next, allow calls for all users and notifications for all applications.

This will create a profile that will not filter anything and cut off any notifications.

It remains just to enable the profile from the system settings or in the iOS control center.

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