How to Change Ringtone for Different Contacts on Mac

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I set different ringtones for the desired contacts on the iPhone, but when calling through Continuity on the Mac, the standard ringtone plays. How to fix it?

In order to assign a ringtone to different contacts on a Mac, you can achieve the synchronization of already configured data with the iPhone, or manually do everything you need in macOS.

How to set up contact sync

1. On iPhone, go to Settings – Apple ID Account – iCloud .

2. Activate the switch Contacts to migrate data to the cloud.

3. On a Mac, go to Settings – Apple ID – iCloud and also turn on synchronization for Contacts .

After a while, all the configured contacts on the smartphone will be transferred to the Mac with avatars, ringtones and other settings.

How to Manually Set a Ringtone for Contacts on Mac

You can manually set the ringtone for different contacts on your computer.

1. Open the Contacts app on macOS.

2. Select the desired contact and click Edit .

3. In the Ringtone field, specify any sound file from Mac.

4. Click Done to save your changes.

With this setup method and enabled synchronization of contacts from iPhone, data from macOS will be transferred to iOS over time.

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