How to Change Volume Buttons on iPad

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I have two Apple tablets (iPad mini 6 and iPad Pro on M1) and their volume buttons work differently. Depending on which edge the keys are on, they can change places. It’s very difficult to get used to it.

The latest generation iPad mini was the first Apple tablet to feature volume buttons on the top of the device. The side edges of the device were reserved for attaching a case and charging the second-generation Apple Pencil stylus.

The keys on top were confusing for some users. It’s all about the assignment of buttons for different orientations of the device. Just look at the picture below and compare with any other tablet.

This is how the volume is initially adjusted on the iPad mini 6

The developers of the new tablet decided that in landscape orientation, the top button always increases the volume, and the bottom button decreases. If you work in portrait mode, increase the volume with the right button, and decrease it with the left. It doesn’t matter which side the keys are on.

It looks logical and you can get used to it over time, but only if this is your only tablet. The rest of the iPad models work according to the old principle, when one button always increases the volume, and the other always decreases the volume.

The Cupertians decided to fix the problem with the release of a major update iPadOS 15.4 . On all Apple tablets, a new parameter has appeared, which is located along the path Settings – Sounds – Fixing the volume buttons .

When the option is enabled, the buttons have a permanent assignment (as it was before), but if the switch is off, the buttons work in the style of the iPad mini 6 (as in the very first picture). Now, if you have a pair of tablets, you can customize the operation of the volume keys in a single convenient style.

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