How to Check AirPods Battery Level on Android Smartphone

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I use AirPods with Apple gadgets, but sometimes I need to connect my headphones to my Android smartphone. How to check the battery level of AirPods on Android?

The original Apple headset fits perfectly into the apple gadget ecosystem. You can view the battery level of your headphones on any device.

Mobile gadgets iPhone and iPad allow you to track the charge level of AirPods using a pop-up menu when opening a case or a special widget on the home screen.

When working with a Mac , the headphone charge level can be viewed through the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar or in the system settings section of the same name.

While using Apple TV , the battery level of AirPods will be visible in the control center. Even when using Apple Watch , you can find out the headset charge level through a special menu.

However, when you connect an Apple headset to an Android smartphone or tablet, you will not see the built-in mechanisms for displaying the battery level. To do this, you will have to use a third-party application from the Play Store .

How to View AirPods Battery Level on Android

▶ You can use the AirBattery app .

The utility can display a connection pop-up window when you open the cover of the charging case. In the settings, you can select the model of AirPods you are using to enable the appropriate graphics.

The utility works with all generations of AirPods and some Beats models .

▶ An alternative way to track the charge of AirPods is the MaterialPods utility .

The application has a large number of visual display options, dark and light interface themes and a handy widget. The information card will allow you to monitor the charge level of AirPods right on your desktop or lock screen.

▶ You can also install the free and open source OpenPods utility.

The application is as simple and lightweight as possible. The utility displays the headset charge level in the notification center or curtain with system switches.

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