How to combine different cloud storages in one application on iPhone

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How to organize convenient access to different cloud storages on the iPhone with the ability to move data between clouds?

All clients of cloud services look different, working with data and especially moving it from one cloud to an iPhone to another is extremely inconvenient.

There is a way to combine all cloud storages in one program for comfortable copying, moving and saving files.

How to Combine Different Cloud Storages in One App on iPhone

1. Download the free Apple Files app on iPhone.

2. Install the clients of the necessary cloud services from the App Store and log in to each application.

3. Go to the Files application and go to the Browse tab .

4. Click the button with three dots in the upper right corner and select Edit .

5. Connect the desired cloud services and click Done .

So in the application files, access data from any cloud. From here, you can save files to your iPhone, move data between different clouds, and even free up iCloud by copying files to other cloud services.

Keep in mind that you can’t remove the default cloud service clients from your iPhone when you do this. Starting with iOS 14 , they can be hidden from the desktop by leaving apps in the App Library.

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