How to convert images to different formats on iPhone. For example, HEIC in JPG

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Sometimes you need to resave photos in different formats for work. Doing this on a Mac is easy enough, but how do you change the photo format on an iPhone?

In the new macOS Monterey operating system, the Cupertians have added a built-in photo converion mechanism . It works right in the standard Finder file manager and supports three image formats: JPG , PNG and HEIF . Unfortunately, this feature was not added to iOS, but the iPhone has its own methods and tricks for converting photos to different formats.

How to find out what format a photo is saved on iPhone

One of the features of iOS 15 was the ability to view EXIF ​​data for any photo in the smartphone gallery. You need to do the following:

1. Place the desired photo in the standard Photo application . If it’s stored in another app, save the file to your iOS Gallery via the Share menu .

2. In the Photos app, press the “i” button or simply drag the photo up.

3. In the section with EXIF ​​data, you will see the format of the saved image.

How to convert any photo on iPhone to *.jpg

To do this, you can use the standard clipboard in iOS.

▶ Find the picture you want in the Photos app .

▶ From the Share menu, select Copy Photo .

▶ Go to the Files application and paste the copied photo in any folder through the context menu. When pasted, the image will be converted to *.jpg format .

▶ Through the Share menu , you can transfer the photo back to the Files application .

How to convert any photo on iPhone to *.png

The standard system for creating screenshots will help us with this.

◈ Find the photo you want and open it in full screen mode so that the application interface elements are not displayed on the screen.

◈ Take a screenshot of your iPhone by pressing the Volume Up + Side Button (on iPhone with Face ID) or Home + Power (on iPhone with Touch ID) buttons.

◈ Get a duplicate of the original image in *.png format.

How to convert a photo to any other format

In order to resave the pictures in any other desired format, you will have to use a third-party application.

You can use, for example, the free utility Photo Converter – Change Format from the App Store .

Open the photo in the application and select the appropriate format to save.

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