How to disable active App Store subscriptions on Windows

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Sold my iPhone but didn’t cancel subscriptions. Money continues to be withdrawn monthly, and there are no other Apple gadgets now. How to disable subscriptions?

At the moment, there are two working ways to pay for purchases in iTunes and the App Store: using a mobile operator account or through the Qiwi payment platform .

If you continue to be charged for active subscriptions after selling your last (or only) Apple gadget, you can find and cancel them through the iTunes app on any Windows computer.

How to disable active App Store subscriptions on Windows

If you use only one Apple smartphone and do not use other company gadgets, most likely two-factor authentication is not activated in your Apple ID account or confirmation is carried out via SMS to a verified phone number.

1. In any browser, go to the site for managing your account and log in using your Apple ID account.

In this case, either authorization will occur without additional confirmation, or you will need to enter a code from SMS. In the Account Security section, you can find out the current status of two-factor authentication.

2. If you managed to pass authorization, you can easily log in to your iTunes account. Download this application for any Windows computer.

3. After installing the application, log in to your Apple ID account.

4. In iTunes, select Account – View .

5. If the version of the application you are using has a section for viewing active subscriptions, go there and disable unnecessary ones. If there is no such section, follow the Manage billing information link and delete all active payment methods for purchases.

Now your account will not be charged for active subscriptions.

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