How to Enable Fake Phone Call on iPhone

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Previously used several applications to activate a fake call on a smartphone, but they are outdated and no longer work. What actual utilities exist for this?

Many users are faced with a situation where they need to turn on a fake phone call on their smartphone in order to get out of an uncomfortable situation. The App Store has always had plenty of apps for this, but not all utilities work on the latest versions of iOS and look up-to-date.

We have found several working alternatives that are practically indistinguishable from the standard iPhone dialer interface.

How to activate fake call in iOS

1. Install one of the fake call apps on your smartphone. You can use Fake Call Plus , Fake Call Number or Fake Call Pro utilities .

2. Run the selected program and configure the desired call settings.

3. Be sure to check in advance how the application works before real use.

4. At the right time, activate the fake call through the application.

All utilities work on a similar principle and differ only in the available settings. Some applications allow you to select the name and photo of the caller, others set different timers for the call, others have a convenient widget for quickly activating the application directly from the desktop.

The presented utilities are distributed free of charge, but some functions or disabling advertising are carried out using an in-app purchase from 15 to 375 rubles.

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