How to fix Dictation not working on iPhone

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The dictation feature in iOS has stopped working. Sometimes the corresponding button is not displayed on the keyboard, and sometimes the smartphone does not respond to pressing it. What to do?

A rather convenient and useful iOS option allows you to control some smartphone functions with your voice, enter text messages or notes by voice and, unlike Siri, can work without a network connection.

Now let’s figure out what to do if such a useful feature stops working on your gadget.

What to do if dictation does not work on iPhone

1. Reboot your smartphone. This is the first thing to do in such situations or to solve other minor problems in the system.

2. Disable and re-enable the option. To do this, go to Settings – General – Keyboard and find the option Turn on dictation .

3. Remove and re-download dictation languages. Starting with the iPhone 6s model, Apple gadgets support local storage of data that is necessary for the option to work. If they fail to load, dictation may not work.

Open the Dictation languages ​​section , remove the already added languages ​​and download them again.

4. Try adding new languages. To do this, in the Settings – General – Keyboards section, add a new keyboard, and then try downloading a dictation language for it. Sometimes this helps to update existing data for current languages ​​and restore their functionality.

5. Turn off the restriction for Siri and dictation. It is possible that a restriction on the operation of this option is activated in the Screen Time settings. You can check this in Settings – Screen Time – Content and Privacy – Allowed Applications . The toggle switch next to Siri and Dictation must be turned on.

6. Turn Siri off and on. Sometimes a malfunction of the voice assistant leads to problems in the operation of the dictation mode. You need to turn off and restart the option along the path Settings – Siri and Search .

7. If none of the above helped, you will have to completely reset the settings or reinstall the firmware on the iPhone .

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