How to Hide Shortcuts App Notifications on iPhone

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When you set up some automations, the Shortcuts app displays a banner that says it was triggered. How to turn it off?

The standard iOS automation tool gets additional features and capabilities with each update. It’s frustrating that Cupertinians don’t fix the annoying jambs and bugs of the Quick Commands application .

Now we will tell you how to get rid of annoying notifications when automations are triggered or when opening applications through third-party shortcuts. This will be especially useful for those who like to customize iOS .

How to turn off the notification for the Shortcuts app

Cupertino still does not want to add the Quick Commands app to the standard notification settings menu. However, all this time there remains a workaround to disable banners.

▶ On iPhone or iPad, go to Settings – Screen Time and enable the option if you haven’t used it before.

▶ Open the See all activity section and at the very bottom of the list, find the Notifications section .

▶ Here you need to find the Quick Commands utility . If it is not displayed on the chart, use the period change from above to find a suitable interval.

▶ Tap on the Teams app and turn off notifications for the app.

Unfortunately, the chip works until the smartphone is rebooted, after which it will be necessary to disable the option in the specified menu again.

How to remove banners when launching programs through Quick Commands

The previous method removes most of the banners, but the application continues to display some notifications. For example, when trying to run some program through automation or a script. It is also possible to get rid of such messages.

▷ Launch the Shortcuts app and create a new automation for yourself.

▷ As a trigger, select Application – Open and in the list of applications check all the necessary programs that participate in automations with appearing banners.

In the next step, you need to select some kind of background action that would not lead to the closing of the current program. For example, the action Number .

In the last step, turn off the automation trigger banner and save it.

Now, when you launch the applications listed here, you will not see notification banners.

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