How to Install iOS 14.5 Beta with iPhone Unlock via Apple Watch

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For more than a month, everyone has been discussing a new chip with unlocking the iPhone using the Apple Watch, but the update will not come out. How to get a chip right now?

A new feature that allows you to unlock an iPhone with Face ID in a mask using your Apple Watch appeared in the first beta version of iOS 14.5.

The timing of the release of the final version of the system for all users is still unknown. You can get the option with a convenient unlock right now. Here’s what you need for this:

1. Back up iPhone to iCloud or computer.

2. Go to and enroll in the Apple Operating System Test Program.

3. After registration, download the profile to your iPhone.

4. Install the profile and restart your iPhone.

5. After the reboot, go to Settings – Software Update and you will see iOS 14.5 update .

After a successful iPhone update, you will need to update your watch to the current watchOS 7.4 beta .

6. Go back to and download the watchOS testing profile.

7. Once the profile is installed, go to the Watch app and look for an available watch software update.

8. Update and you can set up a convenient chip with unlocking your smartphone using your watch.

The option is available in the Face ID & Passcode settings menu .

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