How to keep track of free space in different cloud services on a Mac

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I use several cloud services to store personal and work data. How can I conveniently track free space in Dropbox or Google Drive clouds?

It is very convenient to use different cloud services for data storage, especially if you combine accounts in the file manager on iPhone or iPad . This will allow you to quickly receive the necessary data, save it to your device or move it between clouds.

However, it is not always convenient to keep track of free space in each of the services used.

How to conveniently track free space in the cloud on Mac

If Apple’s native cloud allows you to visually see the amount of occupied space in the cloud ( System Settings – Apple ID – iCloud ), then third-party services do not provide such data.

You can check the free space in the cloud, and at the same time clear the storage of unnecessary data using the DaisyDisk utility . We have already talked about this application before. It is one of the best utilities for finding large files and junk data on Mac.

In one of the recent updates, the developers added the ability to track free space in cloud services. You just need to connect the service through the menu for adding a new disk. DropBox , Google Drive and OneDrive clouds are currently supported . In the future, we are waiting for the support of domestic services.

1. Launch the DaisyDisk application .

2. In the main menu, click the triangle next to the Scan Folder… button

3. Select the desired service and log in to it through a browser.

Now you can track free space in the cloud and, if necessary, clear it of unnecessary files. You can log in to each service as many times as you need to add different accounts of the same cloud.

The DaisyDisk utility is paid ( $9.99 ), but the developers provide a free full-featured trial that will allow you to use all the features of the utility.

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