How to listen to music privately on Spotify

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I use the Spotify streaming service instead of Apple Music and occasionally give my child an iPhone or iPad with my account. How do I make sure the tracks he listens to don’t affect my story, picks, and recommendations?

The music streaming service Spotify has a lot of hidden features and features . Many users prefer it to the standard Apple Music service from the apple ecosystem.

One of the benefits of Spotify is that it has a private listening mode. It is useful if you want to give a gadget to listen to with your account to a child or another person, or when you want to listen to certain tracks without further mixing them into the recommendation.

How to Activate Private Mode on Spotify

1. Go to the application settings (gear in the upper right corner).

2. Open the section Privacy .

3. Activate the Private Mode switch .

All music listened in this mode will not be taken into account for further recommendations and selections.

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