How to manage your iCloud subscription on iPhone. Why the subscription is not displayed in the general list

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Why is there no iCloud subscription management in Settings – Apple ID – Subscriptions ? How to switch to another tariff plan?

Cupertino has created a convenient ecosystem where you can easily and easily pay for purchases, services and subscriptions. However, after the introduction of the next restrictions of the Visa and Mastercard payment systems, you may encounter difficulties when paying.

In case of non-payment for a music or game service, you simply will not be able to use the corresponding content, then an unpaid iCloud subscription may block your data and some services of the Apple ecosystem. At the same time, the subscription is managed in a separate menu, and not in the general section of subscriptions on the iPhone ( Settings – Apple ID account – Subscriptions ).

How to Manage iCloud Subscription on iPhone

1. Go to Settings – Apple ID Account – iCloud and make sure you can upgrade to a more affordable plan without cloud blocking.

2. If you’re using too much cloud space and can’t upgrade to a more affordable plan, use our recommendations for clearing space in the Apple cloud.

3. Open the section Manage storage – Change storage plan .

4. Click the Reduce volume button and log in using the password from your Apple ID account.

5. Select the appropriate tariff and confirm the action.

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