How to open tabs in the background in Safari on Mac and go straight to them

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Often, when using Safari on Mac, I open tabs in the background so as not to lose the current one. In this case, each time you have to additionally go to the tab that was just opened. Is it possible to set the browser to go directly to an open background tab?

In the standard macOS browser, there are three ways to open a link in a new tab at once. The first two only allow you to open a tab, and the third one opens the page in the background and immediately goes to it.

1. Call the context menu of the link and select the Open link in new tab item .

2. Hold down the Command key and simply click on the link.

3. Hold down the Command + Shift key combination and click on the link.

It is the last key combination, along with clicking on the link, that allows you to open it in a new tab and immediately go to it. It is not always convenient to carry out such an action, it can be reconfigured.

To do this, select Safari – Settings in the browser menu bar and go to the Tabs section .

Here we activate the setting When opening a new tab or window, select them . After activating it, the above methods of opening a tab begin to work in the opposite way.

Opening a tab through the context menu and holding down the Command key immediately opens the tab with a transition to it, and opening a tab while holding down Command + Shift will simply open the link in the background.

Keep in mind that a background tab opened with the Command key can be quickly closed with a swipe back gesture on a Magic Mouse or trackpad, which is much faster than hovering over a small cross.

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