How to quickly type emoji and special characters on macOS

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I’m used to typing emoji on a separate iPhone keyboard, but when switching to a Mac, I can’t find a quick way to enter the characters I need.

For lovers of emoji and special characters, macOS provides several ways to conveniently enter them at once.

How to enable the emoji bar in the menu bar

1. Go to System Preferences – Keyboard .

2. Open the Input Sources section .

3. Activate the Show keyboard menus in menu bar option .

After that, from the menu bar, you can quickly activate the emoji and symbols panel. To do this, just click on the language switching indicator and select the item “Show emoji and symbols” .

A convenient window will open with the ability to select emoji or search for special characters to insert.

How to open emoji menu using keyboard shortcuts

There is a way to open a similar menu anywhere in the operating system using a special shortcut.

Press Control + Command + Space to bring up the emoji window.

The panel will be assigned to the application with the active text input window, or simply displayed on top of all windows if there is no suitable application.

How else can you open this menu

Those who do not like to remember keyboard shortcuts can use the menu bar to navigate to the emoji window.

You need to select the item Edit – Emoji and symbols . The same menu will open.

The feature works in most standard and many third-party Mac applications.

How to choose emoji on the Touch Bar

On MacBook models with a Touch Bar, you can select the characters you want right there.

To do this, when working with text, messages or instant messengers, just press the button with the smiley image. It will open the emoji selection menu without going to a special panel.

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