How to Recalibrate iPhone Battery in iOS 14.5

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I heard that for the iPhone 11 Pro, one of the versions of iOS added battery recalibration. Where can I find it and what should I do?

Developers from Cupertino have amended the mechanism for determining battery wear. These changes are available starting with iOS 14.5 and will only affect iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max . Nothing will change for other devices.

These iPhone models will self-calibrate their batteries over time and provide more accurate wear data.

How to speed up the battery calibration process in iOS 14.5

The need to recalibrate on the specified smartphone models will be indicated by a banner along the path Settings – Battery – Battery status .

Recalculating the battery capacity can take from a week to a month. Although the whole process takes place automatically, the user can influence it.

First , charge your iPhone as regularly as possible. It is best to charge the gadget every night at the same time intervals.

Secondly , try to make the longest possible charging cycles. Short recharging of the gadget will lead to a longer recalibration.

The best thing to do is to discharge your iPhone to the minimum battery capacity several times and then charge it up to 100%. So it will be possible to recalibrate the battery in a few days.

Calibration will end when the notification banner disappears along the path Settings – Battery – Battery status , after which the percentage indicating the level of battery wear will be recalculated. If the system detects a significant degradation of the battery, you will see a service notification.

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