How to remotely control your Mac through iMessage

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Apple branded messenger has several advantages and works great out of the box on any Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Apple owners may use a feature called Screen Sharing . This is a kind of built-in iMessage TeamViewer .

This will work together to work on common projects, help relatives and friends with a computer, or remotely perform system maintenance.

How to setup

Each user must log in with the same Apple ID account in the MacOS settings and the Messages application .

If one of the users uses different accounts for iCloud and iMessage, the second one needs to add both accounts to the same contact card in the application of the same name.

All. You do not need to configure anything else.

How to use

1. In the side menu of the Messages application , select the desired user and click “Details” .


2. Next, click the “Common Screen” button .

3. To open access to your computer, select “Invite to the shared screen” , and to request access to another computer, select “Request access to the shared screen . 


4. Depending on the selected option, another user will see a prompt for remote control or a request to access his computer.


The user granting access can choose one of two options: grant access to control the computer or enable only a screen demonstration .


To end the session, click the “Common Screen” button in the menu bar, then select “End General Screen” or click the red close button in the screen sharing window.

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