How to reset Mail app settings on iPhone

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The Mail application on the iPhone does not work correctly, some letters are not downloaded to the smartphone. How to restore the functionality of the mail client?

The email client on the iPhone is pretty stable. However, no one is immune from problems and failures in any of the iOS programs.

To restore the functionality of the mail client and at the same time not disrupt the reception of mail on other devices of your Apple ID account, you need to correctly reset all program settings.

How to reset email client settings in iOS

1. First, turn off iCloud account syncso as not to break the settings on other devices in your account.

To do this, disable the iCloud Mail option along the path Settings – Apple ID account – iCloud .

2. Go to Settings – Mail – Accounts and disable the Mail switch for all installed accounts.

3. After disabling all accounts, you can uninstall the Mail app directly from your iOS desktop.

4. Reinstall the Mail app from the App Store .×190&!4&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=KAEqoOXiyC&p=https%3A//

5. Set up your accounts again in settings and enable iCloud sharing.

After that, the mail client should work without problems and failures.

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