How to rollback from iOS 15 to iOS 14 without losing data

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I don’t like the new version of iOS 15, it’s slow on the iPhone X and drains battery quickly. Is it possible to roll back to iOS 14 and use this version of the OS?

This year, the Cupertinos for the first time promised to release an optional key iOS update. This means that users themselves can choose which system to install on their iPhone or iPad.

The list of supported devices in iOS 14 and iOS 15 has not changed, which means that any gadget that supports the fourteenth version of the system will be able to upgrade to the fifteenth.

So after the release of conditional iOS 14.8.1 or 14.9 in the system settings, you can choose to update to the current version of iOS 15 or to the new revision of iOS 14. Users will be able to try the new system at any time and, if desired, return to the previous one without crutches and tricks.

What to do if you haven’t installed iOS 15 yet

The best solution is to create a local backup on a computer with all your iOS 14 data. This way you will get a backup that you can return to without losing data, settings and applications.

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a cable.

2. Launch iTunes on older versions of macOS or Finder on macOS Catalina and newer systems.

3. Select the connected smartphone from the side menu.

4. In the General section, click the Back up now button .

Please note that a local backup will require almost as much space as the data on the gadget itself. If necessary, the size of the backup can be reduced .

This way you will get a fully compatible backup with iOS 14 and you can restore all data when you roll back.

How to rollback from iOS 15 to iOS 14

If you have already installed iOS 15, not everything can be restored when you roll back. Very often, Cupertinos make changes to every key iOS update that may not work on older systems. If you do not have a full local backup with iOS 14, certain content may not be restored during a downgrade.

So, for example, notes and reminders, in which they began to use the new iOS 15 feature – tags , will definitely not be restored .

To rollback from iOS 15 to iOS 14, do the following:

▶ Be sure to create a fresh backup before downgrading. It can be either a local backup or a copy in iCloud.

▶ Go to .

▶ Find your iPhone , iPad or iPod touch in the list and download the latest up-to-date version of iOS 14 for it.

▶ Connect the gadget to the computer with a cable.

▶ Open iTunes on older versions of macOS or Finder on macOS Catalina and later.

▶ Hold down the Option key on a Mac keyboard or Shift key on a Windows PC and click the Restore iPhone button .

▶ In the window that opens, select the downloaded firmware file and follow the installation wizard instructions.

In a few minutes, get the gadget on the previous firmware version and you can restore data from the backup you created.


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