How to Save Clipboard History on Mac

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I often copy a lot of data to macOS. Is it possible to automatically save a small clipboard history to quickly access recently copied data?

The Apple operating system initially stores in memory only the last data copied to the clipboard. If you need to extend the capabilities of this element and have access to the buffer history, you will have to use third-party utilities.

The easiest program to use is CopyClip . The utility practically does not load the computer and is adapted for Apple M1 processors .

How to teach Mac to save clipboard history

1. Download the free CopyClip app from the Mac App Store .

2. When you first turn on the program, activate autorun at macOS startup.

3. In the settings, set the desired number of saved positions in the clipboard history.

CopyClip has a black list; you can set applications whose data will not be included in the history.

You should now be able to access your recently copied data through the program’s icon in the menu bar.

If you want to save not only recently copied text, but also files, or if you want to get a more beautiful and visual clipboard manager, choose a utility from our thematic selection .

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