How to see who in Family Sharing is using the most iCloud space

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We use family sharing and shared iCloud storage with friends, often there is not enough space in the cloud. How to find out who is taking up most of the cloud storage?

Sharing iCloud space is convenient for storing and sharing data, but not all Family Sharing users will delete unnecessary data and clean up cloud space in a timely manner.

To see which files are taking up the most space, you can view cloud statistics in your iPhone or Mac settings.

How to View iCloud Statistics on iPhone

You can view iCloud space usage statistics for all Family Sharing users on your smartphone in one of the following sections:

1. Settings – Apple ID account – iCloud – Manage storage – Family Sharing .

2. Settings – Apple ID account – Family Sharing – iCloud .

In both cases, you will see the statistics of the occupied space in the cloud by each user.

How to View iCloud Statistics on Mac

To view statistics on a Mac, do the following:

1. Go to System Preferences – Apple ID .

2. Select the iCloud section in the sidebar and click the Manage button .

3. In the Family Sharing section, you will see storage usage statistics for all users.

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