How to send WhatsApp messages on iPhone without adding the user to contacts

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Sometimes you need to send a message to a WhatsApp user, but you can’t do it without adding his number to your contacts.

One of the most popular instant messengers, WhatsApp , has a number of shortcomings and strangely implemented options. So, for example, to start a dialogue, you need to add the person’s number to your contacts. This is not always necessary, fortunately, it is possible to bypass this limitation.

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How to start a chat with a user on WhatsApp without adding to contacts

There are several ways to do this at once.

1. On iPhone, open the Safari browser and go to:ХХХХХХХХХХ

Where instead of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , enter the subscriber’s phone number. The browser will redirect to the WhatsApp application , in which a window for correspondence will immediately open.

2. Disable access to contacts for the application ( Settings – Privacy – Contacts – WhatsApp ) and try to start a new conversation in the messenger. The application will ask you to enter the subscriber’s number, but will not add it to contacts.

In this case, names will disappear for all current subscribers, and in order to start a dialogue with any of the users added to contacts, you will have to enter his number manually.

3. Start a dialogue with the user of the group. So it will turn out to start a chat with a subscriber whom you see in some general group chat. Just hold your finger on the name of the subscriber and select More – Reply in person .

This will open a chat with a subscriber who is not in your contacts.

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