How to Set Different Safari Start Pages on iPhone and Mac

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I use several gadgets on the same iCloud account with sync enabled for Safari. Can I set up different bookmarked start pages on iPhone, Mac, and iPad?

With iCloud sync for Safari turned on, all your devices will have the same favorite bookmarks folder. However, there is a way to set up different start pages for the browser on different devices.

How to create bookmark folders

1. In Safari on Mac, go to the menu Bookmarks – Edit Bookmarks or press the keyboard shortcut Command + Option (Alt) + B .

See saved bookmarks from all browsers in your iCloud account.

2. Sort bookmarks into folders by creating a folder with the desired bookmarks for each device.

3. On a Mac, in the Safari options, set the desired folder as a favorite.

4. On the iPhone, along the path Settings – Safari – Favorites , specify a different folder in which you saved the bookmarks for your smartphone.

So you can create a separate folder with bookmarks of the start page for at least each gadget you use.

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