How to Temporarily Disable Notifications from a Specific App on iPhone

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Is it possible to temporarily block notifications from some applications so that they turn on automatically later?

If you want to temporarily turn off notifications for some application, but are afraid of forgetting to turn them back on, you can use one of the iOS 15 chips .

It allows you not to turn off notifications completely, but instead to postpone messages from a specific program for a while.

How to temporarily block app notifications

You can do this after receiving a notification from the program on the lock screen.

1. Slide the banner of the app you want to temporarily mute to the left.

2. Click the Options button .

3. From the drop-down menu, select Turn off for 1 hour or Turn off for today . This will silence notifications for an hour or a day, and then resume again.

4. If you have enabled and configured Notification summary , you will see an additional menu item – Add to summary . This will delay messages until the next scheduled summary is displayed.

Do not forget about the possibility of the Focusing parameter block , which allows you to flexibly configure notifications in the system.

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