How to turn off Mac startup sound in macOS Big Sur

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before restarting or shutting down your Mac, you won’t hear the power-up sound.

If you need to restart your computer at night, just press the F10 key I’m used to the fact that the computer turns on or restarts without sound, and now the sound is back. This is inconvenient when working at night. How to turn off the sound?

In the new macOS Big Sur operating system , the developers have returned the old familiar sound of turning on the computer, which not all users like.

Previously, you had to use special commands in the Terminal to disable it , but now everything is much simpler.

How to Temporarily Disable Mac Startup Sound

The audio greeting in macOS Big Sur is directly related to the system audio level.

If you turn down the volume or turn off the sound before doing so.

How to Permanently Disable Mac Startup Sound

In the system settings, a special item has been added that allows you to completely turn off the greeting sound.

1. Go to System Preferences – Sound .

2. Open the Sound Effects tab .

3. Turn off the Play sound on startup switch .

After that, the Mac will not make a sound when the system is turned on or rebooted.

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