How to turn off music by timer on iPhone

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I love falling asleep to podcasts or music. The default Podcasts app has a sleep timer that lets you turn off playback. Unfortunately, there is no such feature in the music player. Is it possible to turn off playback after the desired time?

The developers from Cupertino did not provide a sleep timer in the standard application Music . However, the built-in iOS feature allows you to solve this problem.

How to Set a Music Mute Timer on iPhone

1. Launch the Clock app .

2. Open the Timer section and set the desired time to turn off the music.

3. Press the menu item At the end and instead of the melody, select the last item Stop .

4. Click the Set button to save the timer settings.

Now, if necessary, turn off music playback after a while, you can start this timer and go to bed peacefully.

The coolest thing is that the feature will work not only with the standard Music application , but also with any third-party player. You can even turn off YouTube video playback in this way.

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