How to turn on Apple TV with iPhone

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Is it possible to quickly launch an Apple TV box and TV using an iPhone without a smart home, hubs and smart gadgets?

Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K set-top boxes can be turned on and off using iPhone. To do this, you can create a special button directly on the iPhone desktop or in the widget panel.

How to make a button to launch Apple TV from iPhone

1. Download the Shortcuts app from the App Store .

2. Run the program and go to the Gallery tab

3. In the search, find the Wake Apple TV command and download it.

4. Run the command for the first time, grant all necessary permissions, and select the Apple TV on your home network.

5. In the command options, you can add its shortcut to the desktop or display a widget for the Quick Commands application.

You can link this button to a Siri voice command .

Now it will be possible to launch Apple TV with one button directly from the iPhone.

How to turn on the TV with iPhone

Directly turn on the TV using the iPhone will not work (unless you have a smart-TV with Home Kit support). However, this can be done through the Apple TV using the HDMI-CEC option . If the TV supports this feature, then it can be turned on with a signal from the connected set-top box.

You can find out about TV support for this option on the manufacturer’s website. Different companies may call the chip in their own way, for example, LG ‘s SimpLink , Panasonic ‘s HDAVI, Philips ‘ EasyLink , Samsung ‘s Anynet + , or Sony ‘s BRAVIA Sync .

The option must be enabled in the TV settings. After that, when you turn on the set-top box, the TV will turn on with it.

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