How to unsubscribe from mailing lists if you registered on sites using your Apple ID

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I have been using the ability to register on sites using my Apple ID for a long time, but recently I have begun to receive a lot of spam from some services. How to quickly unsubscribe from them without creating complex blocking rules in your email client?

More than a year ago, Cupertino added a useful feature to iOS and iPadOS . It allows you to register on sites using your Apple ID account. During this registration method, it is possible to hide your real email address and use mail randomly generated on Apple servers.

Such a trick allows you not to “shine” your e-mail, but at the same time receive mailing lists or news from the site on which you registered. To do this, after generating a random mailbox, redirecting letters from it to your real e-mail is configured.

If during the time after registration you notice a large flow of unnecessary emails or spam, you can quickly stop receiving emails from the specified account.

How to quickly turn off mailing list redirects

1. Go to Settings – Account name Apple ID – iCloud .

2. Open the Hide e-mail section .

3. Find a site or app in the list that sends you a lot of junk mail.

4. In the section with the parameters of this account, you will see the generated address for this service and you can quickly refuse to be redirected to your main mail.

This way you can quickly unsubscribe from unwanted mailings without creating complex rules in your email client.

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