How to use iPhone or iPad as a surveillance camera

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At the time of the repair, I worry about the safety of things at home. Can I temporarily use my iPhone or iPad at home as a surveillance camera?

If you need to temporarily organize a video surveillance system, you won’t need to buy a separate camera or gadgets for this. You can use any smartphone or tablet that is idle.

For most basic tasks, one of the specialized applications will do, while advanced features will be available through a subscription or through an in-app purchase.

How to turn iPhone into a surveillance camera

1. Install the CCTV Surveillance Camera , Manything or any other similar application on your smartphone or tablet .

2. Create an account to use the service.

3. Place your smartphone in a convenient place so that it covers the room you need. It is best to install the gadget on a stand, and you will also have to connect it to a power source. In video streaming mode, iPhone battery life will not last long.

4. Install a similar application on your other device and log in with the same account.

5. Get a picture from the first gadget with the ability to view and capture the screen.

Both services are available for free, but additional features will open after a subscription. There will be cloud storage of records, improved video quality, recognition of people or movement in the frame.

You can subscribe for a month or two, while there is a need for video surveillance, and then unsubscribe.

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