How to Use Safari Private Mode in iOS 15

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After updating to iOS 15, I can’t get used to Safari’s private tabs. Tell me how to use them correctly.

After updating to iOS 15 , the Safari mobile browser received a lot of chips and innovations . In addition, some already familiar options began to work a little differently.

The private tab browsing mode has changed, now we will tell you about all the ways to start private browsing in Safari.

1. Opening a private tab via the Safari icon

You can start private browsing right from your iPhone desktop.

To do this, hard press (on an iPhone with 3D Touch) or long press (on an iPhone with Haptic Touch) on the Safari browser icon and select New Private Tab .

The browser will then immediately launch in private surfing mode.

2. Adding a private tab via the open tabs menu

If the browser is already open, you can use the tab view menu (right button in the toolbar).

Hold down the button and select New Private Tab . In addition, you can select the menu item Private access , so that the browser opens all subsequent tabs in private mode.

3. Launching Private Mode in the Tab Groups Menu

We already talked about a useful feature in Safari in iOS 15 that allows you to group browser tabs by theme or workflow.

The new browser menu, in addition to switching between groups of tabs, allows you to switch to private browsing mode. To do this, open the list of active tabs in the browser (right button in the toolbar) and click on the button with the number of tabs.

From the menu that opens, select Private access .

How to end private mode

Please note that after closing the private tab, all subsequent sites will continue to open in private mode.

In order to return to the normal browser mode, you need to click on the Private access button and switch to the usual browser tabs.

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