hy messages from iPhone are not duplicated on Mac

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Connected iPhone and Mac to the same Apple ID account. Calls from a smartphone come to a computer, but messages do not. How to fix it?

One of the features of the Apple gadget ecosystem is the duplication of calls and messages between the iPhone and other gadgets in the house. These can be other smartphones, tablets, iPod Touch players or Apple computers.

Now let’s figure out how to set up and check the performance of the chip.

How to Set Up Receive Messages from iPhone on Mac

1. First, make sure that both devices (smartphone and computer) are managed by the same Apple ID account.

On a smartphone, for this, go to Settings – Account (the topmost item of parameters), and on a computer along the path System settings – Account .

2. Check if the iMessage service is activated on both devices. In addition, one account must be configured on two devices.

On your smartphone, follow the path Settings – Messages – iMessage , and on your computer, launch the Messages application and go to its settings.

To receive SMS, the phone number must also be marked in the settings.

3. Turn on the translation of messages to other gadgets in iPhone. To do this, activate the switch opposite the desired gadget along the path Settings – Messages – Forwarding .

4. Activate iCloud for the Messages app . On a smartphone, the switch is located along the path Settings – Apple ID account – iCloud – Messages , and on a computer along the path Messages – Settings – iMessage – Enable Messages in iCloud .

After that, all incoming messages on the smartphone will be duplicated on the Mac computer. Similarly, you can set up message translation on your home iPad and even on your iPod Touch.

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