I get the error “Your computer does not have enough memory” on a Mac. What to do?

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A dialog box appears intermittently stating that there is not enough memory on the Mac, although the computer has plenty of free space and no RAM is loaded. Sometimes the error appears right after turning on the Mac. How to fix it?

Such a dialog box or message is not a system one and is called by some third-party application. Most often, such “errors” are issued by the so-called quick launch agents. They appear on the Mac after using all sorts of “cleaners” and “optimizers”.

Very often, to fix the problem, it is suggested to download one of these utilities from the network.

To get rid of such messages, you need to find and remove the process that calls it. Viewing running processes on a Mac is done through the standard System Monitor application . You can find it in Launchpad , through Spotlight search, or in the Applications folder .

On the Processes tab , you can try to find an unnecessary one immediately after the dialog box appears. However, unprepared users will not always be able to distinguish between a malicious process and many system ones.

You can try to trace the malicious process through any firewall application . To do this, you will have to limit the network connection for all processes and issue it only to known programs.

When a new process is asked to come online, you will know its name and be able to locate the problem file.

You can also try to remove the process from startup. To do this, in the Finder , go to /Libraries/LaunchAgents . Unnecessary and suspicious processes here can run the same malicious agent that issues the message.

As a last resort, you can restore the system from a recent backup (before the installation of suspicious software or at a time when there were no such errors).

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