Is it possible to return notifications on the lock screen in Do not disturb mode in iOS 15

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Previously, all incoming notifications were always displayed on the iPhone’s lock screen. After updating to iOS 15, I can’t figure out how to set up notifications. They first collected in a summary, which I turned off, and then stopped showing up on the lock screen at night.

iOS 15 added two mechanisms at once for grouping and blocking notifications. One allows you to collect all notifications and display them at a convenient time for the user. This feature is called Notification Summary , we have already talked about its work in detail in a separate article .

Another feature of the system is an enhanced Do Not Disturb mode , now called Focus Mode . We also devoted a separate article to the analysis of this chip .

Now we will tell you how to return notifications to the previous form that all users are used to on older versions of iOS.

How to bring back notifications in iOS 15

1. First, understand the notification settings for the necessary programs and utilities. To do this, go to Settings – Notifications and make sure that notifications are turned on for important applications.

2. Now set up or turn off the notification summary. The chip allows you to collect messages for a certain period and issue to the user at a strictly specified time. You can specify a convenient time for displaying the summary (there can be several periods, up to 12 pieces per day).

To do this, go to Settings – Notifications – Scheduled delivery and make the appropriate settings here.

3. Now set the appropriate Focus Mode settings . This is an advanced Do not disturb mode, which allows you to specify a large number of profiles with different parameters.

Go to Settings – Focus and select the settings you need for work. The remaining profiles are recommended to be deleted.

In this section, it is important to set the permission to display notifications from important applications. Or completely refuse to turn on the regime during working or school hours.

4. If you want to display notifications on the lock screen while one of the focus profiles is running, go to Settings – Focus and in the profile settings open the section Lock screen . Here you can turn off the same Screen Dimming and you will see messages in the usual mode.

The only important difference between iOS 15 notifications and previous versions of the system is the inability to show messages on the unlocked screen while Do not disturb mode is running .

Previously, such a switch was present in the parameters, but now such a system setup has become impossible. You either disable any of the focus profiles, or you don’t get notifications while it’s running (even on an unlocked smartphone).

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