Is it possible to set portrait mode in photos on Mac

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My wife uploads photos to my iCloud library, but sometimes you need to change the amount of bokeh in portrait shots. I have to open pictures on my iPhone, edit and resave. Is it possible to change blur settings on Mac?

One of the features of the iPhone XS introduced in 2018 was the post-focus mode, which allowed you to change the amount of blur in pictures that were taken in portrait mode.

For a long time, the feature worked only on smartphones and it was impossible to change the blur settings on a computer. In macOS Big Sur , this option has also appeared on the Mac.

How to Change Background Blur Settings on Mac

1. Launch the Photos app on Mac.

2. Set the iCloud Photos option in the program settings, or simply import portrait photos from iCloud into the application .

3. Find the desired photo and click the Edit button in the upper right corner.

4. Go to the Adjustment tab and in the sidebar you will see the portrait mode adjustment options, just like when editing pictures on an iPhone

The chip will only work with Apple’s proprietary cloud service. If you save photos to any other cloud or transfer them to your computer in another way, the data necessary to change the blur settings will be deleted and you will not be able to edit the photo.

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