Is it possible to turn on silent mode on the Apple Watch by location

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I want to automatically turn on the silent mode for the clock at home so that it does not distract. Is it possible to configure this chip by geolocation?

With the help of universal automations, it has long been possible to set up useful actions with Apple watches. Routine and recurring events can be triggered automatically based on the user’s time or location.

How to set up Apple Watch mode switching based on location

1. Install the Shortcuts app from the App Store .

2. In the program, go to the tab Automation – Create automation for yourself .

3. Create a new automation with the condition Arrival . Here you can specify the desired geolocation and time frame when the condition will be triggered.

4. As an action, select the Watch app and turn on the desired mode on the watch.

5. Create a similar automation with the Departure condition so that after leaving the specified position, the silent mode is turned off.

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